Don Eduardo’s Cabin

This site was ultimately Edward James’s bedroom, used as a study and for his pets’ convenience. He wrote a poem on one of its walls, inspired by his garden—which makes this poem important indeed.

The poem required urgent attention and therefore the foundation intervened as part of its first major conservation work in 2009, stabilizing its presence on the wall and returning walls to their original finish by means of an expert group that came to the site expressly to do the work.

Other parts of the cabin also needed intervention. The wood floor in what was once the studio was extensively damaged, the foundation was corrected, and the walls’ original bamboo was replaced with new, specially treated bamboo.

Spanish sculptor José Horna designed a wooden furnishing for the cabin that served as a habitation for James’s boa constrictors; its restoration was also part of important works undertaken.

It was thanks to support from the World Monuments Fund and Friends of Heritage Preservation that the conservation of this historic and important space was possible.