Jardín Escultórico Edward James, Las Pozas

“Magic happens at Las Pozas. Just like in work by Salvador Dalí, at Las Pozas art portrays one thing as another, invents a reality put in place of conventional, official, socially acceptable reality. More than painting a picture or sculpting an object, they produced an atmosphere, a privileged place.” —Irene Herner

Nestled in the thick jungles of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Edward James discovered the perfect setting for staging his life’s masterpiece. A surrealist labyrinth unfolds amid waterfalls and ponds—natural and man-made—that prepare the mind for immersion into a dream world.

With buildings that evoke nonsense, doors leading nowhere, stairways to the sky and concrete flowers that sprout beside real ones, one man’s dreams are realized and reality is displaced by fantasy.

Adults: $100.00
Children under 12 years and adults over 65 years: $50 MXN

Hours of operation:
9 am to 6 pm, 365 days a year